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"The world consists of those who set something in motion, those who watch something happen, and those who ask what happened."
Norman R. Augustine

With InstantCa$ anyone (whether amateur or professional) can earn SIMPLE money. And this money lands directly on your Paypal account!

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How it works:

Once you have joined our platform and paid your 10€ one-time membership fee you will have an own referral link to promote it and get new members into your 1-level downline.

Every 2nd member you refer the Paypal button turns into YOUR Paypal address!

YES! Every 2nd commission goes DIRECTLY into YOUR Paypal Account and you may use this money instantly.
You don't have to make any commission requests and wait for your money.

This means that 50% of all sales go directly to you:

  1. sale goes to InstantCa$h
  2. sale goes to YOU
  3. sale goes to InstantCa$h
  4. sale goes to YOU
  5. sale goes to InstantCa$h
  6. sale goes to YOU
  7. etc.

Your Products:

Optional PRO membership only: For the first 4 months, every month there are high-valued new PLR (Private Label Rights) products in English and German language in our memberoffice. You may use them to earn more money, brand it with your own words, give them away to build your email-list, sell them, etc.

Right after your purchase you get access to our latest "Product of the Month" - and that's included in your 10€ one-time joining fee!

But that's not all!

You will have the option to upgrade your membership on a monthly or yearly basis to get more benefits, like 25% referral commissions on all sales that are paid to you additionally to your direct-sales.

Right after your 10€ payment you will get the option to get a lifetime PRO membership, what will give you the opportunity to earn not only 100% commissios on all of your "even" referrals (2 ,4, 6, 8, etc.-), but also 25% on all "uneven" referrals (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.) and also 25% on all membership upgrades (one-time, monthly, anually) PLUS on all future sales within the member area (optional special promotions, products and services).

Also there are advertising platforms listed within our memberarea where you can promote your InstantCa$h reflink and banners - and there you can even earn on your own promotional efforts!

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ALL you need is a verified private or business account at Paypal.

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You will be redirected to Paypal.
Your account will be registered and your credentials will be send to your Paypal email-address after successful payment. Please note, that some email-providers have problems with business emails, so in that case please write to to get your password. (You can see the standard password in your Paypal bill as well)